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Integrity Plastic Surgery

Would you be interested in a procedure that can move your fat from difficult to lose areas like the thighs and tummy to your breasts to enhance your looks? This procedure is now available and is called natural breast augmentation. It is completely safe and natural.

The main advantage of this procedure is that no incisions are made and no general anesthesia is required. It is done under local anesthesia and sedation. In place of breast implants, fat cells are harvested from your body and are transferred into your breasts. Recovery is fast and occurs within 3-5 days. The breasts look and feel more natural and realistic than breasts with implants.

The right candidates for the procedure are women with a fuller body structure as the fat required for the procedure needs to first be harvested. The procedure results in an increase in the size of the breasts by 1 to 1½ cup sizes. Thus if you are looking for a substantial change in the cup size, for example from an A to a C cup, implants would be a better option.

For natural breast augmentation, the fat cells to be injected into the breast will need a proper blood supply in the breasts to survive so prior to surgery external suction cups are to be worn on the breasts daily for a few weeks. This also stretches the breast tissue making room for the transferred fat cells. The fat cells are harvested from the donor area by liposuction and then prepared for transplantation. The live fat cells are injected in small volumes into several areas of the breast. The procedure can also be used for asymmetry correction and to improve the shape of the breast by transference of fat to the upper, lower or inner side of the breasts as required. Most of the fat cells injected in the breast survive and also retain their donor site memory to maintain their fat storage ability. Natural breast augmentation provides the most natural and permanent method of breast augmentation available.