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Q: What advantages does care at a specialized breast hospital offer?
A: Caring for breast cancer requires the coordination of multiple specialists, all concerned about exchanging appropriate information, leading to the best result for the patients. At the Westside Surgical Hospital and Breast Center, the patient is at the center, with all care revolving around the patient.

Q: My doctor told me I need immediate breast surgery. Can I see doctors at the Westside Breast Center for a second opinion?
A: Yes. Because of their sought out expertise in breast care, the doctors at the Westside Breast Center see many patients for a second opinion, and frequently, these doctors become the patient's first choice.

Q: I have had a mastectomy and reconstruction, but I am unsatisfied with my result. Does the Westside Breast Center have anything to offer me?
A: Yes. Because of their expertise in complex reconstruction and revision surgery, the plastic surgery and general surgery experts at the Westside Breast Center frequently perform revision surgery on patients who are unhappy with their surgical results.

Q: I have a significant history of breast cancer. Is it reasonable for me to see the experts at the Westside Breast Center?
A: Yes. Counseling and early detection are among the best treatment options for women with a family history of breast cancer. Whether it be discussion and counseling, 3-D mammography screening, genetic testing, or other diagnostic and treatment options, experts at the Westside Breast Center focus their attention on educating and informing the patient.

Q: I have been diagnosed with a breast mass. My doctor says I have to have a mastectomy. Are there other treatment options?
A: Only a visit with a breast cancer expert can tell. The breast cancer experts at the Westside Breast Center offer all of the latest treatment options, giving the patient the risks and benefits of each, and while advising the patient, including the patient in a decision path which is right for them.