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Breast Explantation

Breast explantation is a surgical procedure to remove silicone or saline breast implants. Breast explantation may be required if an individual is not satisfied with breast augmentation, wanting to change the shape and size of breast, have a rupture or damage in the implant, incorrect placement of implant, or in cases of infection. Following breast explantation you may choose for either replacement with desired implant or removal without new implants.

Breast explantation is a simple procedure that can be performed as an outpatient surgery. Before the surgery, your doctor considers the need for explantation and discuss with you regarding the options, pros and cons of the surgical procedure such as precautions, risks, and complications. During the procedure, surgeon will create a small incision under the fold of your breast and remove the implant by slicing the capsule or scar tissue around the implant. Considering the need, your capsule may also be removed and this procedure is called as capsulectomy. The explantation procedure is simple and not associated with major complications. Common side effect with breast explantation is the psychological effect of the women with reduction in the size of her breasts. In addition, the physical effects include breast sagging and loose skin which may improve over the time, infections, scarring, and loss of nipple sensation. Individuals looking for removal of implants without replacement may be recommended for mastopexy, a procedure to uplift the breasts to improve the aesthetic appearance.