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3D Breast Simulation

Breast surgery is an individualized choice and making that choice based on the pictures of results obtained by others is not helpful as everyone is unique in terms of shape and size of breasts. Moreover, looking through a whole catalogue of implants to choose from, ranging from different shapes to sizes, makes it even more overwhelming and difficult to choose. Thus to aid you in making the right implant choice we help you visualize what you would look like after the breast augmentation surgery through a highly advanced 3D breast simulation tool that is simple, easy and quick.

A series of images of your upper torso and breasts are taken to create a personalized 3D model. This is then used to simulate post-surgical results in order for you to visualize the various implant shapes and sizes to assist in your decision making. The 3D breast simulation tool allows you to view the 3D simulation images from all angles including left, right, below, above, frontal and oblique. You can choose different shape and size options from the catalogue to compare and decide the right type of implant with greater confidence. The 3D breast simulation tools help you to make a more realistic and informed decision.

Apart from selecting the right implant the simulation tool also assists the surgeon in deciding the volume of tissue required for tissue transfer or fat transfer to provide the right symmetry and give you the most symmetrical breasts even in the cases of more complex breast asymmetry such as breast reconstruction after cancer surgery and partial removal of the breast (lumpectomy). The results of the breast simulation tool offer a good approximation of the results after the surgery however it cannot be absolute in predicting the post-surgicalresults as this depend to some extent on other factors such as density, firmness of the breast tissue and other anatomical features.